Chalk Hill Media's Virtual Museum

Old microphones are fun to look at.  Some of these actually sound quite good. Then again, there are some that make your cellular telephone seem like a high fidelity device.

One of the most sought after collector microphones


RCA 74B Junior Velocity Microphone (C 1946-49)


RCA Ribbon


"Uniaxial Ribbon Mic"


Bi-Directional Ribbon Microphone


Altec 21 B
Omni directional "Miniature" Condenser Microphone

Altec 639A "Bird Cage"


Shure Brothers Single Button Carbon Microphone

Carbon Microphone From WGN Chicago


ElectroVoice 650 Dynamic


Shure Model 51 Dynamic Mic

American DT-4 Dynamic Microphone

American DR-330 Ribbon & Dynamic Microphone

Shure Model 55
The original "Elvis Mic"

ElectroVoice 635
The Standard of TV News Reporting in the 1960's

Sony C-37 Condenser Mic

Turner Model 80 Crystal Mic
On a personal note, this is the first mic your Web Master ever purchased.  If memory serves well, it cost the princely sum of $15.95 about 1962.  It sounded awful.

American D9AT Uni-Directional Dynamic

Turner 999 Dynamic

Electro-Voice 664 Dynamic Cardioid
The "Buchanan Hammer"

Altec 660 Omni Directional Dynamic  (AKA "The Saltshaker.")

Webster Carbon Mic

Universal Carbon Mic

"Little Wonder" Carbon Mic