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Here are pictures of some TV cameras that have found their way to our collection.  We're always looking for more.

A pair of RCA TK-60 Image Orthicon Cameras

DuMont TA-142B under restoration


Our GE camera on display at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.

GE Black and White Image Orthicon Camera 
This camera originally belonged to KRLD-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth.  It was used in one of their remote trucks.  It was the pool video source when Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated by Jack Ruby.  This is Camera 4.  It is thought that one of its twins (camera 1 or 2) was was actually on the air.

RCA TK-11 Image Orthicon Camera.  We could really use more lenses for this.

RCA TK-11 Black & White Image Orthicon Camera
This is the same camera on a Houston Fearless Pedestal,, that was built for RCA as an OEM component.  The TK-11 was the work horse of the broadcast industry for many years, even after the dominance of color broadcasting.  Many small market stations used them on air well into the late 1960's.  Frequently they were relegated to remote trucks, which were used infrequently for remote church services and other public service duties where budget was a factor.  This camera was owned by KXII, Sherman Texas.  You will note that it is missing some lenses.  If you have some you would like to part with please let us know.

Email: Chuck Conrad, Web Master

DuMont TA-142B Image Orthicon Camera.
This is the way we got it.  It should be green, not blue.  We are missing quite a few parts, but hope to restore it to good cosmetic condition.  This is the same camera you see a little higher on this page.

DuMont 5029-A Low Voltage Power Supply, 5030-A Sync Generator, 5028-B Camera Control Unit (CCU) and a 5048-A Field Pickup Auxiliary Unit.  Unfortunately, these are not ours.  We do have the 5029A power supply,  as well as a 5049A Distribution Amplifier.  We'd sure like to find the rest of it.  We are also looking for camera cables that have DuMont's proprietary rectangular connector.

GE 1" Vidicon Black & White Studio Camera

This camera was delivered new to Southern Methodist University in 1968.  Color was the reality of the era, but  the specifications for the University's new studios (which were written about 1960) called for black and white.  GE made a special run of three cameras to meet the terms of their contract.  In all likelihood it might have been cheaper for them to supply production GE PE-250 color cameras, but a promise is a promise, so the specification was met.

Marconi MK IV Image Orthicon Camera.  This one came with our DuMont Telecruiser and was used by WFAA-TV in Dallas.

BTS LDK-9  This camera makes gorgeous pictures!


A pair of Ikegami SC-500P cameras.  These actually work quite well.

Here is one of them working in our shop.  You can see the image on the viewfinder and also on the color monitor on the wall.

Same Camera, Right Side

RCA TK-47 Color Camera
We have two of these in working condition.  They use "Leddicon" tubes, which were made in England by EEV who claimed they were  "The right word for colour pickup tubes." Essentially they were similar to Phillips Plumbicons.  These cameras were used until the dominance of modern day solid state Color CCD cameras


Philips Color Film Chain Camera
Using three Plumbicons, this camera is being restored and will actually be used again for our film to video archival transfers.

One of our visitors supplied this picture of Philips LDK-5 cameras at the 1976 NAB Convention.

Ikegami HL-79D
Three Tube ENG/EFP  Camera
The workhorse of TV News in the late 1980's thru early 90's

Eastman 285 Film Chain Projector
Shown with Fernseh Multiplexer

We have several cameras that we are unable to display because we have nothing to put them on.  We desperately need tripods ( with heads) as well as pedestals and tripod skates.  It seems TV stations get new cameras, but reuse the tripod and dolly for years and years. It isn't necessary that they be in great condition.  Dead spots and flat casters work OK in a static display. Your junk is our treasure.  Any leads would be appreciated.

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