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Broadcast History Links

This page is always under construction with new additions appearing as they are discovered. Please Email:  Chuck Conrad with suggestions, improvements or corrections.


Heathkit History

The Future of Audio in 1977

Bob Mayben's Historical Broadcast Equipment Pages

The National Lum & Abner Society Home Page

Lum & Abner:  The Corn Stars

OTR Cat: Like Old Time Radio?  Free downloads & very reasonably priced shows for your collection

DFW Radio Archives  A look at radio history, 1966 through today, in the Dallas - Fort Worth area

Vintage Broadcast Microphones  A great collection of  mics!

Radio Web World A Search & Find Radio Industry Index

The Broadcast Archive   Radio History by Barry Mishkind

Elizabeth McLeod's
  Broadcasting History Resources (Radio & TV)

The Radio History Society

Patepluma Radio History 

Library Of American Broadcasting 

University Of Memphis Radio Archive

United States Early Radio History
by Thomas H. White 

A Week in the Life of Radio
- December 1928 

A History of the NBC Chimes 

The Edwin H. Armstrong web site 

Charles Herrold, Pioneer Broadcaster

Origins of Call Letters Bob Nelson 

NBC Tour/Radio in 1942 

Chuck Pharis Web Page: Radio

Rock Radio Scrapbook
Where legendary rock radio has gone to live 

The radio history site 

The Bill Dulmage Radio and Television Archive 

The Radio Legacy of the RMS Titanic
Dwight A. Johnson, KI5WI 

Wolfman Jack's On Line Museum 

Phasitron Vacuum Tube Page
Dave Hershberger, W9GR 

Original GE FM Transmitters (1948)
Dave Hershberger, W9GR 



History of TV  (By DISH Network)

John Logie Baird - Father of Television

Quadruplex Video Tape Transfer Services

History of Television - by Michael Costa

Eyes Of A Generation – The world’s virtual museum of Television Cameras from the Golden Age and beyond.  If you only click on one of our links, this one should be your first choice.

Museum of Broadcast Technology.  An amazing collection!

Chuck Pharis Web Page: Television 

Early Magazine Articles About TV and Color TV

Captain Ernie's Boat Show on WOC-TV

History of Broadcasting in West Virginia

RCA TV Equipment Archive By Barry Mishkind

Vintage RCA Color TV Restoration 

Ed Reitan's Color Television History 

The Farnsworth Chronicles 

The DuMont Television Network 

The Philco Predicta 

Predicta by Telstar Now you can get a new color version of one of these retro TV's

Weird Video Parts and Information for these collectable TV's


The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago

Yesterday USA Radio Network  Old time radio programming free on the Internet and various radio stations.

The Vintage Radio Place Features the vintage radio logs of Jerry Haendiges 

The Original Old Time Radio WWW Pages
Lou Genco 

Various Local Area Radio & TV Web Sites of Interest:

Unfortunately, these links are not sorted by any particular location, so you will have to browse through the list to find the station or location you're looking for.

Broadcasting Jobs

MBC Consulting  Low Power FM Information and Links  Low Power FM Information and Links

WRR, 101.1, Dallas  The First Radio Station in Texas

WHAS, Louisville
AM, FM, and TV histories with pictures 

KTBC (KLBJ), Austin 

WGN, Chicago 

KNX, Los Angeles 

WLS History 

Portland Radio History 

WFEA, Manchester, N. H. 

WKBR, Manchester, N. H. 

WSAZ-TV, the First Fifty Years
Huntington, W. Va. 

"Honey Radio Remembered" - WHND-AM 560 Monroe MI 

WINS, New York 

Missouri Radio History
Mark Roberts 

Chicagoland Radio History 

Washington D. C. Radio and TV Nostalgia and History 

Broadcasting In Chicago 1921-1989 

San Francisco Radio History
by John F. Schneider 

The Golden Age of Pittsburgh Television 

Tampa Bay Radio History
David Sharp 

Boston Radio Archives

Eight Years of Television in California 

WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee 

WNBC, New York 

Jim Hawkins' WABC Radio 77 Transmitter Page 

Jim Hawkins' WLW Transmitter Page 

WABC Music Radio 77 

WMCA Fabulous 57 

KBOA, Kennett, Mo. 

WJAG, Norfolk 

KHJ - Boss Radio Forever   The Darke-Chenault Web Site

Utah Broadcasting History 

KSL, Salt Lake City 

WMAQ Radio, Chicago 

The Chicago Radio Museum 

WOI, Ames Iowa

KIMN, Denver 

History of Michigan AM/FM/TV Broadcasting

WFIL, Philadelphia 

Buffalo Radio Roots


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