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Original front cover of RCA Mobile Unit Sales Brochure

RCA Camera at a Boxing Match.  Presumably the mobile unit it is connected to looks like the one pictured below.

The TJ-50 Remote truck in all it's glory.

A remote outside the Palmer House (Chicago)

Photo montage from RCA catalog

Football Remote from Chicago

Another photo montage from the RCA TJ-50 Catalog

Wrigley Field, maybe?

TJ-50 Catalog photo.

The floor plan

From the rear, showing control area

A compact 22 1/2 feet long

Room (and swivel chairs) for three technicians

Four Cable reels could hold 200 feet of cable.  There was space for two extra reels as an option.  The unit could accommodate three cameras.

A Two Camera "portable" Set Up.

A Microwave rig like this was the preferred method to get the pictures back to the studio, assuming a "line of sight" shot could be made.

Remote Broadcast on KSD-TV St. Louis about 1950


Here is how RCA explained the Microwave path back to the studio.