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Texas Region Classic Car Club Of America

We have a busy and exciting fall meeting schedule, with an event every month.

Our annual meeting will be on Saturday, October 17
th, after the Westlake Charity Car Show in Westlake, Texas. The annual meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. at the Marriott Hotel next door.

Joy and Mike Ames “Not So Grand Classic” will be at their home in Arlington on Saturday, November 7th. This is a beautiful event with a great turnout.

Berta Hackney will host our annual Christmas party on Saturday, December 12th. You will not want to miss this event, one of our favorite events.

2016 will include our CARavan on April 22nd through the 29th. It will include Wheels & Keels Concours, NASA, Galveston, Boerne, Kerrville, San Marcos, the Bush Library, and lots of driving through beautiful country with your friends. Please support this event.

Saturday Breakfasts at the I-Hop in Dallas will be October 24th and November 28th.

Join us at any of out activities.  




The “rescheduled” 13
th “Not-So-Grand” Classic & Debutante Picnic will be held at the home of Joy & Mike Ames, 3522 Calender Road, Arlington on Saturday, November 7 at 11:00 AM.

The “Not-So-Grand Classic” is a fun old-car competition with silly awards. Our panel of “Not-So-Grand” judges will be chosen from the group present. Only Full Classics® may be Debutantes, however all “collector” cars, 25 years and older, are welcome to participate in the “judged” competition. Winners will receive a “high quality” Not-So-Grand trophy!

Any Full Classic® new to the club is eligible to make its formal debut at this function, and be welcomed into the North Texas Region with a champagne toast. Please contact Mike or Joy to let them know a little about your Debutante and to receive special instructions.

Watch for reservation forms mailed to members in early October.