The DuMont Telecruiser

 This Telecruiser was used by Channel 8 from 1949 until about 1972.  Over the years quite a few updates took place .  Since vintage 1949 DuMont Equipment is in very short supply, I've taken the liberty of restoring the electronics to 1960's "state of the art."  Some of the equipment you see here was actually in the Telecruiser.  This is a work in progress.  There is still a lot to do, but it is exciting to see actual images on the monitors!

The audio engineer sat on the left.  The remote supervisor (engineer) sat in front of the equipment racks.  The director sat on the right.  since this picture was taken, a video switcher has been installed in the director's desk.

The video control area.  The pictures on the Program monitor is actual footage that was shot by this vehicle during WFAA's coverage of the Kennedy Assassination.  Shown is the funeral of Dallas Police Officer J. D Tippet, who was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, shortly after the President had died.

Another control area view

From the Audio Engineer's point of view.


It is a little easier to see the video on the screens.  The Channel 8 station ID slide and the Tippet funeral coverage is courtesy of my friends at WFAA-TV.

The Audio Control area.

Even better off screen images.  


The DuMont Camera is actually making a picture!

More coming soon!